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Outstanding Performance.

Ares One™ is the world's first carbon fibre and kevlar insole that allows you to instantly improve your speed and running economy. Ares was created following precise studies and scientific results.

It reduces the danger of micro-impacts on knee and ankle joints while increasing the fit comfort thanks to a special middle layer memory-foam silicone.

What is included

2 Ares One™ insoles (right and left foot), packed for transport and with detailed instructions for its use.

Maximum Satisfaction

We are so certain of the effectiveness of our Ares insoles that we have extended the normal 10-day right of withdrawal (by law), up to one month. This means that you have 30 days, useful to adapt to your foot and then to test it in training. For any problem you can return the insoles without explanations and we will fully refund you the purchase within 7 days of returning the package.

«All the evidence in our review highlighted a significant increase of the running speed thanks to the use of Ares One insoles.»

FitStadium Italia

Technical specifications

  • Energy-returning structure: carbon fibre and kevlar
  • Central core energy-absorb: memory-foam silicone
  • Adaptation to reactivity: 1 to 2 weeks training
  • Duration: 8/10 months of frequent use (5/6 workouts per week)

Performance improvements

  • 10km race: - 20s/km [1]
  • 100m sprint: -0.4s [1]
  • Reduced oxygen consumed during the run: >5% [1]

How do I choose the size?

In order to choose the perfect size of Ares One we recommend that you take the measurement of the original insole of your shoe and relate it to the table below. In case of buying the wrong size, we will replace your Ares One™ for free.
«I'm stunned. I did not think that an insole could help me so much to improve my running.»

Manuele Scorsone


Frequently asked questions

How does Ares work?

Does Ares prevent injuries and/or improve joint/muscular problems?

With our Ares it improves without any doubt the cushioning of the stride and therefore reduces that part of kinetic energy that is transferred to the joints at each support. This is because we use a silicone memory foam of the latest generation (absolutely not comparable to a solution in gel or rubber) that gave extraordinary results on our tests. All this leads to a significant improvement of muscle/joint problems and a considerable prevention of injuries.

What is the difference between your insoles and any kind of shoe with carbon inserts?

None of the shoes on the market use a complete midsole in carbon as the one in our insoles but (rarely) some small carbon insert. These are applied just for improving the shoe stability but they cannot (due to their dimensions and structure) increase the reactivity and the performance. Ares one structure is composed of a series of full-length layers (from extremity to extremity) made of carbon and kevlar. This is the only way you can improve the elastic springback of the shoes in which they are inserted and the performance as well.

Is Ares banned from professional sports?

Currently, there is no regulation regarding Ares in any sport. In fairness we should point out that in several scientific studies, given the reported performance improvements, the insoles with similar features to Ares are considered as doping.

How to insert Ares in the shoe?

Ares One™ is designed to replace the original insole of the shoe.

My shoe has a glued/sewn insole and I can not remove it. What should I do?

Put your Ares One™ over the existing insoles. The fact that the insole is fixed to the shoe does not preclude the correct operation of your Ares.

What is its duration?

Our insoles last at least one sports season. If the silicone part has deteriorated, the insoles can be completely reconditioned at a cost far below the purchase price.

What should I NOT do with Ares One?

Our insoles are made of very resistant materials (like kevlar used in bulletproof vests) but not indestructible. This means that improper use can seriously jeopardize the structure and in some cases even lead to total breakage. For example, we strongly advise against folding them with your hands in a forced manner or making them "jump" as in the presentation video. Our Ares have been studied to bend a certain number of degrees corresponding to a normal flexion of the foot, obviously not more.

Is Ares suitable for pronators?

There are several things to say: the most important is that the One increase the stability of the shoe thanks to their lower structure completely made of carbon fibre and Kevlar. So they are definitely suitable for those with pronation problems. As regards the upper part has been silicone memory foam, specially studied to be modeled on the user's foot and to improve the kinetic energy absorption during the step of damping (energy which is then reused in the process of pulse), reducing so the possibility of joint problems, tendon and muscle, very frequent in pronator. This provided of course to follow a 1/2 weeks adaptation phase, so that the memory well take the form and that the foot is adapted to the new reactivity.

Why does Ares cost more than a normal sport shoe?

Our Ares One is the first carbon fibre insole that improve your performance so much to be considered technological doping. The price depends to the long planning phase (6 years) to reach such stunning results.

How does the "Money Back Warranty" work?

We are so sure of the quality of our product and we want our customers are fully satisfied with your purchase, so we extended the normal right of withdrawal (for the law 10 days) up to one month of receipt of the insoles. This means that you have 30 days to test them, adapt your feet to Ares and try during your workouts or races. For any problem you can send back to us, and we will fully refund the purchase within 7 days from receiving your return. We only ask you to send us back Ares inside a cardboard box that contains the original black box with the insoles inside, then in the same manner in which they arrive at your address.

Can I find Ares also in specialised shops?

Our special insoles can be purchased exclusively on our site. No other type of sale is authorised by our company. We adopt this policy because a test in the store would be completely useless since the foot and the user need at least a week to adjust to the new responsiveness of the shoe. In addition, the memory foam has to take the right shape. For this reason we provide a total guarantee of 30 days, useful both to adapt to the foot Ares and then to test it in the race in the best conditions. For any problem we fully refund the purchase. This is absolutely the best configuration to test the potential of our Ares.

I already have an Orthotic. How can I use Ares?

Our insoles are designed to replace orthotics. This is possible because we use the latest generation of memory foam silicone (not comparable to a gel solution or rubber) that is modeled on the user's foot just like an Orthotic and considerably improves the cushioning stride and postural problems. On our YouTube channel you can find a feedback from our customer (Kader Kam), professional dunker who could no longer play basketball since plagued by a nagging patellar tendinopathy and plantar fasciitis. He shared this video to personally thank us as this year has made all games without any kind of problem. He himself replaced his orthotics with our Ares.

In which shoes can I insert Ares?

Our insoles can be inserted in any shoe (including non-sports). Obviously depending on the materials of which the shoe is made, and the quality of the elastic return of the same will have the results of different performances with Ares inside. On a purely theoretical level, the best result in terms of performance can be had with a technical running shoe that is not excessively rigid in the front and thus enabling the energy return structure of Ares bend properly and to return kinetic energy.

[1] The improvements on the reported performance is an average of all tests performed in our laboratories. The Ares One™ results may vary depending on the type of footwear used, state of wear of the same, the user's weight, athletic ability, as well as the type and the condition of the surface on which the test takes place.

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