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• Is Ares banned from professional sports?

Currently, there is no regulation regarding Ares in any sport. In fairness we should point out that in several scientific studies, given the reported performance improvements, the insoles with similar features to Ares are considered as doping.

• How to insert Ares in the shoe?

Ares One™ is designed to replace the original insole of the shoe.

• It is the first time I wear Ares and it feels singular. Is it normal?

Most people buy a pair of shoes based on the aesthetics and comfort of the first fit (therefore depending on how comfortable the shoes are worn in the store). This has led most of the sports footwear companies to focus on very soft and super-cushioned soles. All this made the shoes really very comfortable at the first outings but it worsens the user's performance so much because it disperses a lot of energy during the stride or during the jump, especially in the front part of the foot. A first feeling very particular and almost annoying is usually due to the fact of not being accustomed to very reactive and technical shoes. Also in Ares there is a memory foam material that needs about a week to adapt to the foot. The advice is to keep the insoles inside the shoes used daily, at least for one / two weeks, even outside normal workouts.

• How to wash Ares?

Ares is dry-clean-only. We recommend removing the insoles from the shoes after each use and storing them in a dry, well-ventilated place.

• I have joint/tendon problems. Will your insoles help me improve my situation? Does the amortization increase or decrease?

With our Ares it improves without any doubt the cushioning of the stride and therefore reduces that part of kinetic energy that is transferred to the joints at each support. This is because we use a silicone memory foam of the latest generation (absolutely not comparable to a solution in gel or rubber) that gave extraordinary results on our tests. All this leads to a significant improvement of muscle/joint problems and a considerable prevention of injuries.

• How does the "Money Back Warranty" work?

We are so sure of the quality of our product and we want our customers are fully satisfied with your purchase, so we extended the normal right of withdrawal (for the law 10 days) up to one month of receipt of the insoles. This means that you have 30 days to test them, adapt your feet to Ares and try during your workouts or races. For any problem you can send back to us, and we will fully refund the purchase within 7 days from receiving your return. We only ask you to send us back Ares inside a cardboard box that contains the original black box with the insoles inside, then in the same manner in which they arrive at your address.

• How can I start using Ares in my trainings/competitions?

The transition from a normal Ares slab must be done gradually to allow the foot and the user to adapt to the most responsive response of the shoe as well as shaping the upper part of the insole. For this reason we recommend outside training / to keep - when possible - Ares inside shoes used daily, at least for one/two weeks. Also during the first week try to use Ares only for small portions of training (perhaps increasing its use progressively).

• My shoe has a glued/sewn-in insole and I can not take it out. What should I do?

Place Ares One™ on top of the existing insoles. The fact that the insole is fastened to the shoe does not in any way preclude the correct functioning of your Ares.

• What is the duration?

The lower part (which is due to return part of the energy of the stride) in carbon-kevlar has virtually infinite duration. The top silicon memory foam instead has an average duration of about 8-10 months for professional use (more than 5/6 workouts per week). After this period you have only a cushioning stride reduction which is charged to the top (perishable) silicon while the effectiveness of the Ares (jumping and running performance) is not affected because it is the lower structure to allow these improvements.

• Is Ares suitable for pronators?

There are several things to say: the most important is that the One increase the stability of the shoe thanks to their lower structure completely made of carbon fibre and Kevlar. So they are definitely suitable for those with pronation problems. As regards the upper part has been silicone memory foam, specially studied to be modeled on the user's foot and to improve the kinetic energy absorption during the step of damping (energy which is then reused in the process of pulse), reducing so the possibility of joint problems, tendon and muscle, very frequent in pronator. This provided of course to follow a 1/2 weeks adaptation phase, so that the memory well take the form and that the foot is adapted to the new reactivity.

• Why is the cost of Ares greater than a normal sports shoe/insole?

Our Ares are the only carbon fibre and kevlar insoles in the world that improve performance to be considered sport doping by several scientific studies. The relatively high cost is due to the use of materials such as carbon, kevlar and titanium, which have a high base cost (both as raw material and as processing) but thanks to their extraordinary characteristics such as the strong elastic return give exceptional results and not comparable to those of a normal sports shoe. However, by subscribing to the Project Ares newsletter it is often possible to find the One at a much lower price than the list price.

• Are there any before/after performance videos?

Although all our data are verified by tests carried out through electronic platforms during the whole experimentation phase and by specific scientific studies, we have decided not to put comparative online. This is because videos of this type would be easily falsified only by blowing up the testimonial more or less high. We absolutely do not want to transpire the image of a "teleshopping" product and we prefer to talk about facts and science. However we always want to specify that the result of our insole depends on different factors: type of shoes used and state of wear of the same, weight of the person and athletic ability, as well as obviously the type and state of the fund on which you move.
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